'The Large Hadron Collider and the proton structure: from saturation effects and the odderon discovery to the search for dark matter in the universe', Colloquium by Christophe Royon (wihin EAV24)

After describing the Large Hadron Collider,  the highest energy proton-proton collider in the world, located at CERN, Switzerland, we will describe briefly the proton structure, focusing on the regime of high gluon density and saturation phenomena. In addition, strange events appear everyday at the LHC where protons are intact after interaction. Comparing proton proton at the LHC and proton-antiproton at the Tevatron, Batavia, USA, led to the important discovery of the odderon. We will finish by showing how these kinds of events are also sensitive to dark matter in the universe and by describing the applications of our detectors to cosmic ray exploration and cancer treatment.

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