Coloquio Departamental/Colloquium

Novel light-matter interfaces - from classical nonlinear optics to novel quantum metasurfaces and nanophotonics / Dra. Rivka Bekenstein (Harvard University, USA)

Auditorio "José Ádem"

Auditorio "José Ádem"

Cinvestav, Ciudad de México

In the talk, I will present novel concepts of light-matter interactions for both the exploration of fundamental physics and the developments and future applications. I will take you on the journey of simulating fundamental physics in optical table-top experiments and developing novel theoretical and experimental tools for generating entanglement between quantum-matter and photons.

First, I will describe the experimental simulation of the Newton-Schrödinger system - a nonlinear gravity model, in a system of long-range interacting optical wavepackets by thermal nonlinearity.

Then I will present the novel concept of quantum metasurfaces - a new interface for quantum light-matter interaction. Specifically, I will describe how these quantum metasurfaces are realized and how they allow for the generation of large-scale atom-photon entanglement, hence constituting a new platform for manipulating both classical and quantum properties of light. I will discuss recent experimental developments and possible new applications.

Finally, I will describe our current experimental system that aims to realize quantum light and large-scale entanglement sources with atom-like defects in nanophotonic cavities. I will lay stress on how this system promises access to both the exploration of fundamental physics and the implementation of quantum applications.

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R. Bekenstein et al., Nat. Phys. 16 (2020)