Física de Altas Energías

Effective lepton flavor violating interactions involving a boson

by Mrs Marcela Marín (Física, Cinvestav Zacatenco)

Auditorio José Adem (Cinvestav Zacatenco)

Auditorio José Adem

Cinvestav Zacatenco

Departamento de Fí­sica, Cinvestav Av. I.P.N 2508 México, D.F. 07360

We build effective Lagrangians describing lepton flavor violating interactions between a pair of charged leptons, involving an additional (invisible) boson (chi) of every possible type allowed at the renormalizable level. We discuss the implications of having/lacking an underlying electroweak symmetry and analyze the corresponding phenomenology. We show that the indirect reach of current upper bounds on tau -> l l l' processes demands tau -> l' chi decays be probed for branching fractions <10^{-8} so that they can constrain further this type of interactions. As a consequence, Belle-II searches for the tau -> l l l' decays shall be able to either rule out m_chi \in [m_mu,M_tau] (if current upper limits are improved), or to find indirect hints for these interactions (if tau -> 3l decays are discovered, with suitable correlations among different decay channels). The corresponding underlying new physics scale probed in this way could be as high as [10^7,10^{14}] TeV (depending on the type of interaction). We discuss distinctive features of these interactions through an angular analysis of the tau to l chi gamma decays and a Dalitz plot analysis of the tau to e mu mu decay, and also consider the phenomenological consequences in muonium decays, muonium-antimuonium conversion and the electron and muon anomalous magnetic moments.

Organized by

Dr. Pablo Roig Garcés