Física de Altas Energías

Search for tau to three charged leptons decays at the Belle II experiment (Seminario de avance de tesis de Norman Molina)


The Belle II experiment is one of the best environments to study tau physics since the SuperKEKB collider produces a large number of tau leptons. The last measurement of the "tau -> e e+e- nu nu" branching ratio by the CLEO Collaboration reports an uncertainty of about 53%. In this talk, we will show an update of the search for "tau -> l l'l' nu nu", where "l" could be either an electron or a muon. We expect to confirm the observation of "tau -> e e+e- nu nu" and report a first observation of "tau -> mu e+e- nu nu". Techniques developed in this analysis will be used for the search of charged lepton flavor violating (cLFV) decays "tau to l l' l''", where "l, l', and l''" could be either an electron or a muon. We will describe briefly the status of these searches.