MX Dark Matter 2018

Carretera Chetumal - P. Juarez Km 309

Carretera Chetumal - P. Juarez Km 309

Paraiso Beach, Riviera Maya,
J. Alberto Vázquez (ICF UNAM) , Luis Ureña (UGto) , Tonatiuh Matos (Cinvestav)

The main goal of this workshop is to discuss the advances and challenges of different candidates for Dark Matter, such as: Cold (CDM), Warm (WDM), Self Interacting (SIDM), Scalar Field (SFDM) Dark Matter, Modify Newtonian Dynamics (MOND), and f(R), among others. We are expected to discuss these topics within an inclusive atmosphere where cosmologists, astronomers, astrophysicists and particle physicists can confront results, ideas and perspectives for solving the Dark Matter riddle. The invitation is open for doctoral students, postdocs and researchers interested on Dark Matter topics from different points of view.

This workshop MX Dark Matter 2018 will take place in the hotel Iberostar Playa Paraíso, (, and will be followed by the XII Mexican School on Gravitation and Mathematical Physics of the Mexican Physical Society (Black holes and Gravitational Waves), taking place in the same hotel. Assistants to the MX Dark Matter workshop can stay the whole week to participate also in the XII Mexican School.

The registration fee is 300Dls for Professors and 200Dls for students and postdocs must be deposit to the IAC account

Account and CLABE of the IAC:
Account: 00107264344
CLABE: 044180001072643448
Banco Scotiabank.
Send the receipt deposit to, "facturas"  will be given 
during the conference.

Participation in the Workshop is strongly limited and the organizers will give preference to students and researchers working on Dark Matter topics. The deadline for registration is October 5.


Reservations can be done directly with the hotel:

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