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Generating naturally small Yukawa couplings from trans-Planckian asymptotic safety (Dr. Soumita Pramanick, NCBJ, Warsaw, Poland)


[Based on arXiv:2204.00866 [hep-ph] by Kamila Kowalska, Soumita Pramanick, and Enrico Maria Sessolo]

For gauge-Yukawa systems in trans-Planckian asymptotic safety framework, we generated arbitrarily small Yukawa couplings naturally owing to the presence of a non-interactive infrared-attractive fixed point.
In addition to the non-interactive infrared-attractive fixed point, more ultraviolet-attractive fixed points also exist that ensure well-defined nature of the theory at infinitely high scale.
Using this technology for a system of Yukawa couplings of the Standard Model extended by three right-handed neutrinos, we found asymptotically safe solutions for Dirac neutrinos satisfying the experimental constraints on neutrino masses and mixing for Normal Ordering.
This general mechanism can also be applied to generate naturally the feeble Yukawa interactions needed to produce the correct relic density via freeze-in for sterile-neutrino dark matter models.