Física de Altas Energías

New physics in 𝑾𝑾\gamma at one loop via Majorana neutrinos (Dra. Mónica Salinas, CINVESTAV)


The present talk deals with the calculation, estimation and analysis of one-loop contributions from Majorana neutrinos to the Lorentz-covariant 𝑾𝑾𝜸  parametrization. Our calculations show that CP-odd effects vanish exactly, whereas CP-even contributions, remain. According to our estimations, the effects from heavy neutrinos with masses in the range of hundreds of GeVs dominate over those from light neutrinos. This investigation shows that contributions from heavy Majorana neutrinos to the form factor delta kappa could be as large as 10^{−3}, one order of magnitude below the Standard-Model contribution. We find that the International Linear Collider, sensitive to triple gauge couplings participating in WW production, might measure these effects in electron-positron collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 800GeV, as long as heavy neutrino masses are over 300GeV and below 1500GeV.